Product Overview

Sports Select wireless speaker systems add sound to the sights. Designed for restaurants, pubs, hotels and virtually anyplace with multiple TV monitors, these easy-to-use, durable units give your patrons the true viewer experience.

3 simple components give your business the edge.

Sports Select Components

Sports Select systems are based on three simple components; a wireless speaker, a compact transmitter and a speaker charging rack. Each speaker can access 16 different channels, providing 16 listening options for each unit. Other manufacturer’s limit the channels to 8 or less, providing far fewer viewing options.

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Isolated sound, keeps the action, um…isolated.

Each speaker is engineered to keep ambient noise to a minimum. That means one table listening to a game, won’t bother a neighboring table.

Proven technology keeps the sound free of interference.

900mhz technology keeps the sound free from static, while allowing your speaker units to reach the far corners of your establishment.